The hypothetical Fairytale Brownie Bank kiosk bakes fresh brownies in 60 seconds.

The Fairytale Brownie Bank is a vending machine where customers can choose from 12 types of brownies and receive them freshly baked in 60 seconds. The design considers users who have difficulty reading English and those who are in a hurry. 

My design was selected from a submission pool of 40 to demonstrate good design techniques to a User Interface Design class at Tufts University.


One restriction I had to consider is that the machine could only bake brownies in batches of 1, 3, 6 and 12. While it's unfavorable to limit the customers' purchases, it was required by the technology, so thus I presented the following design. Since the gift box option is only available for purchases of 6 or 12, I put it on this screen to make that point clear to the user. When the user selects 1 or 3 brownies, the box option is disabled. 


Each brownie option has and image that demonstrate what the main ingredient of the brownie is to the user as well as what that actual brownie looks like without having to read the text. The interface highlights already selected brownies so the user can keep track of his order so far.


The next screen reminds users which brownies they’ve chosen and displays the cost of that amount of brownies.  


While the brownies are cooking, a countdown demonstrates to users how much time remains.