The Tufts Hybrid Racing Team (THR) is a student run organization in the Tufts School of Engineering. Each year, we design and build a hybrid race car to compete in the Formula Hybrid™ International Student Competition.

I manage five engineering students to design and implement the driver interface. The driver interface incorporates many different aspects of human factors, such as Gestaltism, Fitt's Law, Hick's Law, anthropometrics, etc.

Each of these theories are critical in limiting the cognitive load on the driver. In addition, if the driver wastes seconds while using the interface, not only could our competitors pass us with ease, but our driver could also be in danger of crashing.


I am also designing an ergonomic chassis. The ergonomic chassis incorporates biomechanics, anthropometry, kinesiology and mechanical engineering to optimize the driver's position.


This way, the driver can fluidly use all the controls without restricted or excessive movement, so he makes no unnecessary movements which could waste time and cause danger for him or other drivers.